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Yota Restorative Session
July 21, 2022

Yota Restorative comes from the union of 2 practices : Yoga and thetahealing. This technique allows your body and your being to release tensions and blockages’. Most of the time an energetic blockages or tension in your body is due to a lack of energy circulation and therefore lack of oxygenation and blood flow in the part of the body concerned.

To understand this approach it is necessary to know that according to the particular yogic philosophy our body is made up of a network of energy called Prana (Sanskrit term). Prana is a universal energy present in everything. It is what breathes life. In the event of emotional trauma, this energy no longer circulate in certain part of the body or even create a mass of stuck energy which forms a memory. This memory retains traumatic information that will register in the body until it is physically felt as pain or tension.

What’s Thetahealing© ?

It’s a spiritual meditation technique created by Vianna Stibal to find the cause of a problem and solve it. It is a deep healing technique.

So with the help of breathing, stretching and Thetahealing© we will be able to work on the memory in order to release it either suddenly or gradually.

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