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Yota Thetahealing Session
July 21, 2022

TheThetahealing© is a meditative healing technique created by Vianna Stibal allowing us to find the root beliefs of our emotional blockages.
The goal is to go talk with our subconscious mind (Theta state) to carry out kind of an “inquiry” in order to release the belief that blocks our state of well-being and abundance. Everything start with a belief ! We can perceive human beings in a way like a computer that saves lots of programs in its hard disk (brain) and that since childhood. Most of the time we are not even aware of the “programs” (beliefs) we are recording and accepting as truth.

This is why this technique will help us to modify our state of consciousness and thus our life. What we believe to be true is reflected in our outer world. The real work is therefore to understand what we believe to be true and to tune it to what we would like to experience in our everyday life. The simple truth! Complex in its process because each path has its specificities and simple because what we believe to be our truth manifests itself.

These sessions are done mainly by phone or via zoom. There is a possibility of carrying out a face-to- face session depending on the case. However the results don’t differ in any way because these sessions are based on the clear felt and the energy.

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